Monday 6 April

It’s the day after Palm Sunday in Jerusalem. Imagine. The day after the Lord Mayor’s Show. The day after the circus comes to town. The day after a royal visit.

There are palm leaves everywhere. Some people can’t find their cloaks. Some people’s heads are hurting. It is very quiet after all the noise and excitement.

Try this. See how long you can sit still and quiet. Time yourself. Or get someone to time you. OK – shall we start?

So how did you do? Did you fidget? Did you get the giggles?

The city streets are in a mess. Somebody needs to clear up all the greenery before someone slips on it and falls. What about the lost cloaks, all piled up in many colours?

Today would be a good day to TIDY YOUR ROOM! If you have been home-schooled for several weeks I expect it could do with a tidy.

As you are doing it think about all those long-ago people who saw something amazing – a man on a donkey – a humble donkey – but also a king.

But for how long?

Prayer for Monday of Holy Week

Dear Father God,

in these difficult times when we cannot get together to celebrate, we feel miserable because we cannot see our school friends, walk any distance outdoors, enjoy Kew in springtime, and miss parties and other events.

Help us to remember those who, unlike us, are housebound all the time. Protect those who struggle with loneliness, with getting food, and finding friends. Help us to think of ways to make life easier for them.

Keep us all safe and well.