Today’s Readings:

            1 Samuel 16: 1-13

            Ephesians 5: 8-14

            John 9: 1-end

Pray for mothers

  • For new mothers, struggling with sleepless nights and a hungry baby
  • For experienced mothers, stretched to their limits
  • For mothers we will not be able to be with today because of the Coronovirus pandemic
  • For mothers we love but see no more

Pray for Mother Church

  • For congregations as they seek out a new way of being Church, together yet separate
  • For Church leaders, giving guidance in unexpected circumstances
  • For Church Wardens, providing leadership locally
  • For Parish Administrators, heading up the communications of the parish
  • For our Readers, Michael & Richard, ministering to us in new ways
  • For our Vicar & Area Dean

Pray for National and Local Government

  • For scientists and analysts, that they may have wisdom and discernment
  • For those who speak publicly, that they may have clarity and honesty
  • For Parliament, that it may take just and fair decisions through this crisis
  • For our borough, that it may prioritise the weak, the vulnerable and the lonely as it seeks to maintain services to all

For ourselves

  • For all families with children home from school for the foreseeable future
  • For those living by themselves
  • For members of the Avenue Club, unable to meet together at St Luke’s
  • For our personal wellbeing, health and spiritual life