Today I would like to share with you a poem that my sister-in-law sent me that had been used in their church over the Easter period.

It was written by Richard Everett a member of their church, and I have been given his permission to share it with you.

I also enclose a little bit about Richard, I found his poem very ‘thought provoking’, maybe you will also.

Stay safe,


Where Are You?
Sometimes you seem so distant
So far away
So out of reach
We talk of an intimate walk with you
We speak of our close relationship
We proclaim a gospel of your Presence –
Emmanuel –
God with us
And yet, and yet
At times like this
Like now
Like right now
I ask: Where are you?
Because this is when it matters
This is when it counts
This is when I need to know
You’re real
And feel
The power of your Presence
The presence of your power
And the strength of your love
But I scrabble around in scripture
In search of a picture
A word
A verse
A holy crumb of comfort from your table
To enable me to say:
‘Ah, yes. How timely. All is well.’
I tell myself to look around me
To see your hand at work
I tell myself to ponder
And pray
And listen for your voice
I tell myself a thousand times
To watch and wait and hear
And believe you are near
And not far away.


But allow me to say:
At times like this –
Believing isn’t enough
I don’t want a timely word
Or spiritual insight
And I don’t want knowledge or courage
Or even healing
And I don’t want visions or revelations or an epiphany
Or heaven forbid it –
A pastoral visit
All I want
Is to be held
And hugged
And loved
And to know and be told
Without doubt or question
And with absolute child-like assurance
In the way that only you can –
That you are
Right here
Right now
My Father, my Friend,
My Saviour, my king
My Lord and Maker of everything
Is that too much to ask?
© Richard Everett


Richard Everett is an actor, playwright and screenwriter.  He is the author of 7 published stage plays including the much acclaimed “Entertaining Angels” which has had over 100 productions worldwide.