Pierre Teilhard de Chardin was a Jesuit Priest, Philosopher and Palaeontologist. He lived from 1881 to 1955 and he was not always popular with the Roman Catholic authorities because of his work on the origins of our species. I have a small book of his work called “On Suffering”, which contains excerpts from his works. I think that one that he wrote in northern France, at the height of the First World War in November 1916, is worth quoting now as we face another time of uncertainty:

“And I’ve come to think that the only, the supreme, prayer we can offer up, during these hours when the road before us is shrouded in darkness, is that of our Master on the Cross: ”Into your hands I commit my spirit”. To the hands that broke and gave life to the bread, that blessed and caressed, that were pierced; ….. to the kindly and mighty hands that reach down to the very marrow of the soul – that mould and create – to the hands through which so great a love is transmitted – it is to these that it is good to surrender our soul, above all when we suffer or are afraid. And is so doing there is great happiness and great merit.”

We are going through a dark period at present and at such times it is so important to be aware of, and grateful for, those powerful and loving hands.


2nd April 2020