On Sunday 6 November 2016 we held a special service to encourage people to reflect on their contributions to our church – both financial and of time and talents – and to see if they could give a little more. The Barn has a wonderful history and is a great centre of community in Kew and we want that to continue – but we need everyone’s help.

Our PCC has looked at our income and outgoings and realise we need about £60 a week every week of the year to break even. To allow us to put The Barn on a secure financial footing and to undertake some major repairs, such as replacing the roof, we need quite a bit more. An average of £6 more per person is our target. That doesn’t mean everyone giving £6 more – some people may be afford to afford a larger amount; some a bit less.

We’ve put together a special Stewardship page where you can see the presentation from the service and also download forms to make your pledge.

We’re asking all church members to fill in and send back the pledge form – especially the gift aid section – even if you are not able to change your giving level at the moment. Having an up-to-date gift aid form may mean we can claim 25% of any donations you make or have made over the last four years. This won’t cost you a penny more.

Thank you.