www.kewtw9.orgKew Life at your Fingertips!

In recent weeks, you may have been handed out a postcard or  you signed up at the recent Kew Village Market to receive the e-newsletter for the NEW Kew community website www.kewtw9.org.

Developed by local Kew residents, supported by local Kew organisations and associations, such as ourselves, www.kewtw9.org is a new community website for residents and visitors alike – helping them make the most of what is on offer in the vibrant village of Kew.

Whether you are interested in local events, find out what sport activities are on offer in Kew, find out more about other local groupings, receive updates from the Met Police, local news and much more, then sign up to the e-newsletter on www.kewtw9.org and be sure to add the website to your favourites.

www.kewtw9.org is another in a string of community events being organised in Kew highlighting this incredible sense of community that permeates through Kew.  Six years ago, a number of local clubs and societies came together to launch Kew Fete – this local fair in June on Kew Green is now a firm fixture in the local calendar raising funds for local charities.  A couple of years later, the idea of a Kew Village Market was formed and the first Sunday of every month now sees Kew Village filled with over 50 stalls offering a wide variety of locally produced products.

For us as a member organisation, the new website and the KewTW9 Association behind it, provide us with an opportunity to publicise our events to a wider audience, thereby hopefully recruiting more members, gaining more volunteers and getting our messages heard by more people.  A structure is also being put in place for groups such as ours for knowledge and resource sharing thereby facilitating some of our work.

During the next twelve months, www.kewtw9.org will be expanded to include a directory of local businesses.  

Remember to sign up for your e-newsletter now on www.kewtw9.org.